High grade shopping bags of PU leather

 PU is synthetic leather, more environmentally friendly material than genuine leather, inexpensive and durable. Most products on the market have adopted this bag material.

The PU shopping bag is a kind of high-grade shopping bags, much better in terms of the texture compared to non-woven bags.
Here I will introduce several PU shopping bags, which can customize LOGO. Being used as a gift to the customer is a good choice. When it was sent to ten people, nine will carry it to go shopping. Because non-woven bags have flooded the market and it’s time for PU shopping bags to show your own tastes and characteristic.
1. PU bags, simple and elegant design, large capacity, shopping bring it, it can take a lot of things.
2. PU bags, with a little feeling of fashionable bags, large package type, shopping for clothes, bring it 
3. PU bags, the shape is a little bit special, Fashion avant-garde style
4. PU bags, black PU fabric, Korean style, more fashionable
5. PU bags, this design is relatively simple, competitive price with good quality
6. PU bags, a little feeling of fashionable bags, shopping can be used
If you need the styles above, Please contact us.
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